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Be Your Own Hero!

Be Your Own Hero!


ARTIST Mentorship Program

The Artist Mentorship Program & Fundraiser Events

Using targeted coaching to train artists to value their art and think like entrepreneurs, Art And Action uses the creation of a personalized fundraiser event to teach artists to speak their vision powerfully, create opportunities to showcase their work, and invite others to do so.  These events are made successful by each individual or group in the program communicating effectively, inviting guest speakers, connecting to non profit organizations dedicated to their cause, and showcasing their art and inviting colleagues to showcase their own work as well.  This Artist Mentorship Program teaches the fundamentals of how to raise money for your current project or idea, connect your art to social cause, and enroll your community in the possibility of your art and impact it can make.   CONTACT Jones Welsh or Anne-Marie Talmadge to setup your Mentorship and Fundraising Event, and click HERE to see our PAST projects.

Artist Mentorship Components
1.     Set Your Vision – create the language of your art and speak it powerfully, creating goals and milestones to strive for.
2.     Be Your Own CEO – communicate your art and your ideas with powerful presentation, seek out peer and professional feedback to evaluate and refine your artistic product, create impactful and magnetic materials.
3.     Create an Event – make and promote a unique and fun event that will build a planning team, enlist community support, fundraise for your next project and for a social cause that your art speaks to.
4.     Build a Movement - connect yourself to an idea, cause, or charity that is bigger than you, bigger than your art. Make real impact on people’s lives.


Artist Mentorship Goals
·      Create Art and Wealth
·      Treat your creativity like an entrepreneur
·      Learn by Doing
·      Don’t Wait to Create
·      Connect your Personal Art to Social Action
·      Build a community and fundraising backbone
·      Transform the myth of the Starving Artist


It is always for something bigger than yourself.  A dream, a vision, something being called into this world. Not everyone is raised to answer that call, to access the confidence and language to bring their dreams into reality, but EVERYONE deserves the opportunity and the tools.  This Artist Mentorship program provides these tools.


Art & Action (In Your City)

Do you like ArtAndActionLA?  Do you want to experience the Artist Mentorship Program & Fundraiser Events, but not in Los Angeles to enjoy them?  Let's expand!  We are looking to start programs and events in other cities, and we need motivated partners to work with us.  Let's create ArtAndActionSeattle, ArtAndActionDenver, ArtAndActionNewYork!!!  Please CONTACT us to setup a meeting.


IMG_1269.jpg Presents
The Performance Zoo LA
Hosted by your personal Field Guides Anne-Marie & Jones (Welsh) Talmadge
Enjoy a guided tour through the local Performance Wildlife of Los Angeles. Music, dance, theater, comedy, circus, acrobatics, food, drinks, party!
Friday & Saturday, February 9 & 10, 8pm Show, And FRIDAY ONLY 6pm VIP Rooftop Tapas
@ The Historic Desmond's Department Store Building
5514 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Info and Tickets at

Proceeds to benefit the Diavolo Veteran Project: a dynamic movement performance created by an all-veteran cast to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and further develop a national support program for veterans.