Not Man Apart

Physical Theatre Ensemble

LA Improv Dance Festival 

2017 Weekend Workshop Series


December 2-3 Martin Keogh @ Diavolo
January 6-7 Andrew Marcus @ Mimoda Studio
***CANCELLED*** February 3-4 Shel Wagner Rasch @ Diavolo

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1 Weekend: $175
2 Weekends: $275
3 Weekends: $350
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*Nowhere Bound*  

iDfest Weekend Workshop inContact Improvisation with Martin Keogh
December 2-3, 2017, 11am-5:30pm (with a 1-hour potluck lunch break)
@ Diavolo Studio / 616 Moulton Ave. / Los Angeles, CA 90031

Contact improvisation requires a courageous willingness -- but never so much as when we dance in the absence of will - those moments when we drop the reigns and, nowhere bound, allow our animal to carry us. 

Join good company for dancing and discovery. With games, some sweat, and the unique physicality of the contact body we will savor and rock the boundaries between states of allowing and mindful intention.

We will explore:

o   Moving from a base of sensation
o   Dancing with a shared central axis
o   Seeking ease in going off balance
o   Finding the spontaneous acrobatics of the form
o   Spending more time in nuance, disorientation, and extended follow-through

This workshop is for those with a basic introduction to Contact Improvisation fundamentals.


Martin keogh TheTimecNadja-Meister_IMG_9174.jpg

Martin Keogh

Martin Keogh has taught and performed contact improvisation on six continents over thirty-seven years. For his contribution to the development of the form he is a Fulbright Senior Specialist and listed in Who’s Who in the World. Martin spent time traveling to monasteries in Japan and Korea and was the director of the Empty Gate Zen Center in Berkeley before discovering the world of dance. He is the author of four books including the acclaimed: Hope Beneath Our Feet: Restoring Our Place in the Natural World.

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“My greatest sense of accomplishment comes from seeing students increase their capacity for sensation and risk—seeing them dance less with their “ideal” and more with their partner—and the profound gratification of introducing contact improvisation to those who then realize they have found the dance form they were seeking all their lives. I attempt to teach and model that the beauty and reach of our questions, in the end, determine the beauty and reach of our lives.”  Martin Keogh


*Void And The Emergence Of Forms*  

NMA Weekend Workshop in Movement Improvisation with Andrew Marcus - School of Disappearance
January 6, 1:30-9:30 & January 7, 3:00pm-6:00pm
@ Mimoda Studio / 5774 W Pico Blvd. / Los Angeles, CA 90019

We introduce a practice of contact with the felt senses, their interaction and combination in response to objects of perception, in ways that typically accumulate and coalesce into concepts such as “my body,” and “my body in relation to…,” but which we suspend, toward the possibility of relinquishing the naming function. In this way, we cultivate unconditioned physical encounters with, and within, the phenomenal world.

Progressively working through the overflowingness of sense perceptions toward stillness, we engage a process of reconstruction: emergent structural differentiation and spatial relations prioritize the transitional—or betweenstate—therein we lay the ground work toward actions in worlds.

We offer: 

o A framework for inquiry into felt senses of space
o   Experience of physical and psychological dimensions within the body
o   Transitionary void passing through the body
o   The medium which holds the body and extends beyond its perceived limit
o   The negative properties of space are examined experientially.

This workshop is for those with an established physical practice in dance, choreography, or Contact Improvisation.

Andrew Marcus.jpg

Andrew Marcus

Short Biography

A dancer and visual artist, Andrew Marcus founded DISAPPEARANCE in 2010 to explore boundary space between the ordinary, the beautiful, and the sublime. DISAPPEARANCE develops practices to effectively transcend such boundaries; to encourage experience of the magical and the erotic; and to unequivocally engage the real.  Andrew holds an MFA in Dance and Performance from Arizona State University.  His experiments with improvisation and somatic practices date to 1980, and he is active internationally.  The SCHOOL OF DISAPPEARANCE opened in 2013.

 For an extended biography, see:

“The School of Disappearance is a forum for somatic research of the highest order.  With 3 decades of world wide performance, teaching, and embodiment experience and a brilliant insightful inquiring mind, Andrew has developed a method that supports the deepest of your inquiries...It is about offering space and guidance for you to find yourself and your method.“ 

- Damian Leuthold, Somatic Researcher/Performer



 Contact Improvisation with Shel Wagner Rasch
Will be rescheduled at another time at the request of the instructor.
Stay tuned for more quarterly workshops in March!!!

Shel Wagner Rasch.jpg

Shel Wagner Rasch

Shel Wagner Rasch has been fascinated by Contact Improv for over 30 years as a dancer, performer, producer, and teacher; and sharing CI with other people is one of her favorite things to do!  She currently teaches Contact Improv at UCLA and is a co-coordinator of the weekly Eastside Lab Jam in Pasadena, Ca as well as a recurring teacher at the Santa Monica and Long Beach Jams.  Shel co-taught the 2016 SFDI (Seattle Festival of Dance Improv) Contact Intensive with Stephanie Nugent, and was the featured teacher at the 2015 Portland Regional Jam and at the 2014 Detroit (mini GLACIER) Jam.  She has enjoyed teaching and dancing at many past WCCIJs and is very happy to be back!  Shel has a private Somatic Therapies practice as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, incorporating the Alexander Technique, Bodynamics, and intuitional movement.