Not Man Apart

Physical Theatre Ensemble

Press for "Ajax in Iraq"

Ronin Lee as Odysseus. Photo by Sean Deckert.

Ronin Lee as Odysseus. Photo by Sean Deckert.

News Features


"As a play meant to highlight the ugliness of combat, focusing the story line on military sexual assault also seemed a natural way to update the original"


Huffington Post

"NMA seeks to push forward
the form of theatre." 



LA Times

"Critic's Pick: Director-Choreographer John Farmanesh-Bocca rallies his stalwart Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble forces into breathtaking kinetic cohesion ... it would be madness to miss it!"


People's World

"In every way Ajax in Iraq is a consummate collective victory by the Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble."


LA Weekly

"GO - Aaron Hendry [gives] a performance of unparalleled ferocity."


Theatre Ghost

"Not Man Apart, with its shocking, powerful production of Ajax in Iraq, would make Sophocles proud." 


Night-Tinted Glasses

"Any answers--if there are answers--must come from us.  "Ajax in Iraq" asks the questions, in such a way as we feel compelled to look for an answer.  Which is what theatre does at its very very best."


Paul Myrvold's Theatre Notes

"A superb piece of theatre...timely and potent."


Stage Raw

"Even before we learn the nature of her ordeal, Munch powerfully conveys the toll of her war experience."


Total Theater

"Four Stars ... The powerful, uncompromising Ajax in Iraq is notable in every respect: acting, directing, costumes, sound, and musical effects." 


Joe Straw #9

"If you get a chance to see, run, run, and take a vet."