Not Man Apart

Physical Theatre Ensemble

Press for "Paradise Lost: Reclaiming Destiny"

Charles Roy and Alina Bolshakova as Adam and Eve. Photo by Anthony Roldan.

Charles Roy and Alina Bolshakova as Adam and Eve. Photo by Anthony Roldan.

Stage Raw

"Gorgeous and dynamic ... a ballet, with Cirque Du Soleil-like acrobatic undercurrents."

LA Weekly

"GO! [Talmadge's] Satan is a powerhouse of carnality and venom."

Broadway World

"The visual design by J-Walt Adamczyk (who also plays Father God) is dazzling, with psychedelic images that morph and mature like a living breathing character ... Making theatre relevant with such sophistication is a special kind of brilliance. More, please."

People's World

"Their collective work expresses the most supreme unity of intellect and physical exertion that I have ever seen in the theatre."

Paul Myrvold's Theatre Notes

"A treat for the eyes ... Jones (Welsh) Talmadge as Satan roams the stage with astonishing power, (...) performing movements of Olympic caliber."

The TVolution

" moving and satisfying an evening at the theatre as one could hope to experience."

Shari Barrett

"There are so many memorable moments of physicality in the production, it is difficult to know where to begin since each performer amazes and dazzles with their incredible skills..."

The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses

"Spectacular as usual.  As ever, the entire cast showed NOT ONLY talent, but physical training to a very high degree -- now backed up by extraordinary multimedia."

Santa Monica Daily Press

"It’s an immersive plunge into what feels like a 3-D video game with live-action performers...Exceedingly ambitious and engaging."

Culture Spot LA

"An innovative piece of modern theater that is one of the most visually dynamic in recent memory."

Colorado Boulevard

"From start to finish the story is told with powerful physical performances, with every character sustaining the intense and stimulating assault on the senses as we devour the whole story."