Not Man Apart

Physical Theatre Ensemble



NMA offers an in-depth training in Physical Theater techniques. We teach the skill sets and awareness that WE employ as creators and as performers, including body mechanics, acrobatics, dynamic partnering, voice and breath, clown and comedy, and energy delivery and power building techniques. We have a unique approach and vocabulary that draws inspiration from Fluid Systems, Viewpoints, Contact Improvisation, and Meyerhold. Click here to find our workshop schedule, or check out our sister company for related training and classes at



Not Man Apart places artists and professionals into Physical Education or Arts programs in schools to teach a broad range of dance, martial arts, games, sports, acrobatics, and yoga.  NMA works through a unique relationship with Focus Fish to fill the gap in physical and arts instruction in public schools and after school programs. The artists we work with are professionals in their field, and have great rapport with kids of all ages. Please CONTACT US for more information and to bring us into your school or institution. 



Our Artist Mentorship Program supports the work of emerging artists and in Los Angeles through affordable fiscal sponsorship, promotion, administration, marketing, and business consulting. The Art & Action program hosts this mentorship and has sponsored over 30 emerging local artists and companies, and has helped many of these grow into their own non-profit 501c3 organization, including contra-tiempo, Stand Tall International, Ptero Dance, VersaStyle Dance Company, and dozens of others.


ART AND ACTION LA - "Be Your Own Hero” 

An artist empowerment movement created to encourage self-expression, create income opportunities, and promote total health. A&A generates a holistic approach to art-making that allows creativity, wealth, and well-being to thrive. Click here to find out more about our Artist Mentorship Program or some of the inspiring past events that we have developed wwith artists, such as: Fôr Dance Company, Stand Tall International, Magic Mirror, Sioux ZQ's Post-Apocalyptic Aerial Army, Critical Mass Dance Company, and more! 



The Los Angeles Improv Dance Festival is a workshop, collaboration and
performance series that operates year-round. Since 2005, ID Fest has brought some of the greatest teachers and improvisational artists from all over the world to Los Angeles, as well as provided opportunities for local LA artists.  Unique collaborations have been presented and student works created by such artists as Simone Forti, Kristie Simpson, Charlie Morrissey, Scott Wells and Dancers, Ruth Zaporah, KJ Holmes, Rudy Perez, Lower Left Performance Collective, Nina Martin, Kim Epifano, and many more.



An annual festival of workshops & performances offering diverse movement practices that cultivate body-mind integration, creativity, presence & community. SOMAfest provides people from around the world with the capacity to take their health and creativity into their own hands, to deepen into the greatest version of who they truly can be.

For over ten years, featuring over 100 Artist Educators and Performers, including some of the world's most prominent movement innovators, such as Emilie Conrad, Anna Halprin, Simone Forti, and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen!



The Inaugural ‘Santa Monica Shakespeare Project’, took place in July 2004 with the production of Much Ado about Nothing. The Production was directed by Louis Scheeder and was produced by Project Artistic Director John Farmanesh-Bocca, and was made possible by the generous support of Andrew Barrett-Weiss and The Powerhouse Theatre Company. Much Ado About Nothing played free to the many residents and visitors of Santa Monica and its neighboring communities. With close to 700 audience members for the Free Shakespeare shows, the Shakespeare Santa Monica program grew over the course of ten years, attracting all ages for an exciting, educational and entertaining experience. This 2-week actor training, followed by rehearsal and FREE Shakespeare performances in Reed Park is currently on hiatus.



This mind-blowing and beautiful retreat was created by Founding Artistic Director John Farmanesh-Bocca, who wanted to bring theater professionals and students together in the pristine natural surroundings of his home town. The Big Sur Theatre Lab offers a series of Master Classes in the art of Performance Creation, and provides a touchstone for the exploration and realization of the total artist/creator within us.