Not Man Apart

Physical Theatre Ensemble


"Lysistrata Unbound"

Written by Eduardo Machado
Conceived and Directed by John Farmanesh-Bocca
Presented by Odyssey Theatre Ensemble in Association with Not Man Apart

June 9th - August 4th, 2018
Friday and Saturday 8pm / Sunday 2pm
At Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

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Lysistrata Unbound tells the story of an ordinary Athenian matron, nearly destroyed by the war-time death of her only son.

As Lysistrata's grief over the injustice mounts, she finds her voice, beginning to rail about the senselessness of war and the Athenian institutions that glorify it. At first she is dismissed, but as her protest continues, her arguments gain traction and support of the Athenian people. As she becomes increasingly confrontational, “The Institution” moves in to contain her and prevent any civil unrest, restricting her public speeches to smaller and smaller venues. But the more the system tries to crush her and the more they diminish her physically, the more powerful she becomes. In a tragic but truly uplifting moment, Lysistrata becomes more than a person; she becomes a movement -- the most celebrated anti-war activist of the ancient world. 

The project was first done as a staged reading at The Getty Villa Theatre Lab in 2013 with Olympia Dukakis, Apollo Dukakis and The Not Man Apart – Physical Theatre Ensemble.

World Premiere Staging at The Odyssey Theater Ensemble June 2018

"PARADISE LOST: Reclaiming Destiny"

A Dance Theatre Epic, Adapted from John Milton
Written and Directed by Jones (Welsh) Talmadge
Co-Directed by Laura Covelli
Co-Presented by the Greenway Arts Alliance

March 10th - April 2nd, 2017
Friday and Saturday 8pm / Sunday 7pm
at Greenway Court Theatre


NMA Paradise Lost Poster

Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble and Greenway Arts Alliance present a movement adaptation of John Milton's eloquent epic poem, Paradise Lost. The innovative vision, adapted by NMA Co-Artistic Director Jones (Welsh) Talmadge, Co-directed with NMA Co-Artistic Director Laura Covelli, blends dance, acrobatics, dynamic partnering and Not Man Apart’s unique brand of physical storytelling to create a fresh take on this iconic tale of Adam and Eve’s Temptation and the War in Heaven. 

This production features bodies flying across the stage on harness and chains, augmented by the stunning digital animation effects of J-Walt Adamczyk and video installation artist Hannah Beavers. Whether you are familiar with the story from Milton, Genesis, or not at all, Paradise Lost: Reclaiming Destiny seeks a new perspective on the future of humanity, and to empower audiences to fully claim a created destiny and connection to the whole. It’s up to us. We get to create a Heaven on Earth.

You can support Paradise by clicking here.

"ajax in Iraq"

Written by Ellen Mclaughlin
Directed and Choreographed by John Farmanesh-Bocca

July 15th - August 14th, 2016
at Greenway Court Theatre


Photo by Anthony Roldan

Photo by Anthony Roldan


Raw, dynamic, heartfelt, and visceral, Ajax in Iraq parallels the lives of ancient and modern heroes. This stunning physical drama grapples with issues that have become all too well known to the American public – war of occupation, PTSD, sexual abuse, and the price of committing combat troops to situations that may have no end.

Ellen Mclaughlin’s electrifying play intertwines the story of a AJ, a female US Army combatant, with the legend of Ajax, a Greek Hero of the Trojan War who’s story is said to be the first documented case of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The result is shocking, captivating, strangely humorous, and relentlessly honest.


“A dead on triumph.” “It would be madness to miss it”
“In its riveting Los Angeles premiere, playwright Ellen McLaughlin’s potent assault on sexual abuse in the military by way of the titular legendary Greek warrior is raw, provocative, poetic and indelible. Director-choreographer John Farmanesh-Bocca rallies his stalwart Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble forces into breathtaking kinetic cohesion.”

-- David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times --