Not Man Apart

Physical Theatre Ensemble

 Not Man Apart is proud to support Somatic Movement Arts Festival through our Co-Production and Fiscal Receiver program.

Somatic Movement Arts Festival

SOMAfest presents International Events Inspiring Conscious Embodiment in Practice, Performance, and Daily Life. Come celebrate your body as a living inquiry, part of an unfolding planetary and cosmic process. Our bodies are ecosystems inter-relating with diverse communities within the natural world. 
Body Wisdom
Creative Innovation
Synergistic Exchange

Since 2007 SOMAfest is an international program that enlivens artists, audiences, and participants from all walks of life to move beyond expected experiences of physical self-discovery & expression.

Join us this year in Los Angeles to explore diverse movement practices in workshops, performances, and panel discussions that cultivate body-mind integration, creativity, presence & community.

The Somatic Movement Arts festival, AKA SOMAfest, was originated by Teri Carter with support from Emilie Conrad who founded Continuum Movement®. Our festival has featured over 150 diverse international somatic artists/educators and has taken place in Los Angeles, New York City, and we'll bring our festival to more cities around the world.

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