Not Man Apart

Physical Theatre Ensemble

NMA Winter Training LAB - Weekend Workshop Series

*  Dynamic Partnering and Storytelling*  

NMA Company Training Weekend Workshops
Physical Theater and Movement with Jones (Welsh) Talmadge
January 27, 6-10pm & January 28, 12-4pm
@ Diavolo Studio / 616 Moulton Ave. / Los Angeles, CA 90031

This workshop series teaches to the style and performance approach of Not Man Apart’s signature physical theatre techniques, imparting our creative shorthand to potential company members so that they are equipped with tools for rapid creation in rehearsal and dynamic presence in performance. We will utilize many of our training components that combine elements of Dynamic Partnering, Body Mechanics, Spatial Awareness, Energy Delivery and Power Building Techniques.

Jones will teach movement quality, group lifts, and a practice of 360° FLOW, which is to have a 360 degree spatial and body awareness and connected movement transitions. Gain control of the force of gravity, with elements of body mechanics that can be applied to partner balancing, dance, and acrobatic skill practice. Use your own body as instruments in collaboration, basing and flying, and traveling in and out of the floor.

We will cover a deep examination of Kinetic Storytelling and how movement and energy can instantly spark creation and inform improvisation.  The focus will be to amplify skills and develop a practice of anticipating: reading a partner while dancing with energy and touch. Participants will be guided to feel deeply into another body to sense presence and intention with expanded awareness.  Sharing weight and partnering through elements of Contact Improvisation and acrobatics leading to a safe understanding of rich, free self-expression in partnership.  Let’s get in the air together!


Jones (Welsh) Talmadge

Jones (Welsh) Talmadge is a performer, arts activist, and warrior. Jones received a double degree in theater and dance from the University of Washington in 2000, and has a rich career in acrobatic performance, high-octane dance, and choreography. Jones is one of three Artistic Directors of Not Man Apart – Physical Theater Ensemble, after being Founding Managing Director in 2009 (, he has done movement direction and choreography on every major NMA production since.  He now works to establishing sustainable community outreach programs and build a comprehensive arts curriculum for children and adults in Los Angeles.  Jones toured internationally for 5 seasons with the acclaimed Diavolo / Architecture in Motion, a company specializing in acrobatic dance on large moving structures, and was also Associate Artistic Director & Diavolo Institute Director for 4 years, the company still remains very influential to his work, which can be seen on 2017 season of America’s Got Talent ( He has been commissioned to create many dynamic and emotionally rich movement pieces for Universities, the Getty Villa, Jacaranda Music, Spector Dance, among others. He runs his own training, leadership, and nutrition business to get people to their peak physical performance (